Originated in Italy, We are a brand that it is specialised in Aso-ebi and customize dressmaking/tailoring.

We also creates bespoke dresses for women/men/children  to feel beautiful and confident. Our dresses are created with much attention to details in order express LUXURY, CLASS and EXQUISITE design.

We are currently based in Italy and London Offering Zoom
service and consultation for long distanced clients, fabric sourcing
and home services.

Enjoy shopping with us! Flixbryculture

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  • June 3, 2023 3:19 pm local time

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  • Derek Ayivie
    February 2, 2023 at 10:51 am

    Absolute life savers!!! Needed an outfit in a weeks time for a Trad and they not only fulfilled my order but exceeded my expectations 😁 very satisfied and will be giving to them again

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